{Niagara Falls}

My fiance and I decided to go to Niagara Falls for Valentines Day. Our day started off well, we got off work early to beat the traffic. We finished packing and doing our errands (which included picking up wedding cake to taste). We were off to the falls when we got into a car accident on the highway 😦 It was a bummer, but everyone was ok. After our tow truck ride home, we decided to still go to Niagara Falls. We jumped in my fiance truck and left again. This time making it there safely. When we were checking into our hotel at The Embassy, they offered us a presidential suite! Of course we took that. Our room had a great view of both the falls, and had wrap around windows! It was spectacular. We went out to dinner to the Keg and ate some yummy steak followed by the wedding cake for dessert.

The next day was quite foggy & snowy so I couldn’t get some great pictures of the falls from our room. After breakfast we headed to The Bird Kingdom and here are some of my favourites from there. The birds were modeling for me that day. They must have lots of practice with photographers!


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