{Pet Photography Gallery}


Taking photos of your pet takes patience and practice. I have lots of experience with dealing with animals and how to make the shoot run calmly and smoothly. For pets I recommend my mini package because it’s enough time to for them to pose and have some fun before they get tired.

It is common for pets to be a part of the family. While getting professional photos of your pets are often not thought about, here are some considerations why it can be beneficial getting some professional photos of your pets:

-Adults, and kids can get quite attached to their pets, and having photos after they pass away help us to remember and hold on to those special memories.
-If your pet gets lost, or runs away having high quality photos of your pet should make finding your pet easier.
-If you are a big animal lover, then having professional photos of your pet is a no brainier, you can showcase your furry friends with pride. 🙂

Please email me for more tips and information on how to make a pet shoot run smoothly.

Visit my website to get Pet Photography package information. http://www.lisamedeirosphotography.ca


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