{My Adorable Kittens}

Gina was a stray kitty who had a litter of kittens in our garage. She was a bit nervous at first, but has warmed up to human interaction. She is very very affectionate now, and is starting to enjoy playing with kitty toys. Gina has to be the best mom ever! Her number one priority is her kitties! She tends to them all day long with love and affection. She greets us every time she sees us, rubs up against our legs, and lays in our lap while we surf the web & watch tv.

Gizmo seams to be the leader of the pack, showing his brother and sister he’s the man when it comes to feeding and playing….still very cuddly and playful!

Geller is very affectionate and playful. He loves human interaction, does well when being held, and is defiantly a lap kitty.

Gomez is just as affectionate as his siblings. He is one of the curious kittens who loves to discover new things.

Gemma is the only girl out of the litter. She has been the first one to open her eyes, walk, run and play. She is a rambunctious little one, who picks on all her brothers to play. She can be very cuddly, playful and curious.

Gonzo is super cute, he loves to cuddle and lay in our laps. He is the peacemaker & the runt of the group. He is always trying to snuggle with his brothers and sister, but does know how to have fun too!

All these cute cuddly kittens have been adopted. 🙂


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