{A Photographer’s Wedding} A personal Post

This is it. The moment I’ve been waiting so long for.

It’s our wedding day!

Not just a regular wedding day, a photographer’s Wedding day.

Before we get to the good stuff lets rewind a few months. My fiance and I decided to get married at The Royal in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, after we traveled there in 2011. I have always wanted a beach wedding as I love the tropics and paradise. The one thing holding us back was wither or not our family could come. After we brought it up the idea up to our family they loved it! We couldn’t be happier, the people who love and support us coming with us to Mexico!

I had lots of fun planning our wedding for Mexico, the best part for me was the photography. Since I am a photographer, I knew just what I wanted and that I wanted to play a big part in the photography role. I wanted to edit my images and be able to coordinate the shoot. Now the tricky part was finding the right photographer. Going away to a resort doesn’t give you a guarantee that the resort photographer is going to be great. It could just be a bell boy on their day off…you just never know. I defiantly couldn’t take that chance!

It just so happens that I have a photography buddy, Francis who was willing to come along for a trip and be our photographer. He was such a good sport. Carrying around my checklist of photos, and helping to organize people. He was very willing to do everything I wanted and the best part was, at the end of the day…he gave me the memory card πŸ™‚

I couldn’t have asked for a better day. The weather was just perfect, sunny, warm and breezy. I had a great breakfast at a buffet, although I couldn’t eat to much I was just too nervous. After breakfast I went up to my room and waited for my bridesmaids and my mother. I had about an hour before my hair and make up appointment. So I started taking pictures of my wedding! LOL.

It came time to do my hair and makeup and that was such a nice relaxing experience, we drank orange juice and champagne while we all got our hair done at the same time πŸ™‚ After hair and make up came picture time. I got dressed we had to sneak out of our room down to the gardens to take pictures. It was quite fun, not knowing where my fiance was, and trying to hide. Kinda hard to hide when your all dressed in white! πŸ™‚

After pictures it was wedding time, I loved walking up to the gazebo seeing everyone there, and the best part my fiance. The minister was so sweet, and she had such a great ceremony picked for us. It was perfect. After the wedding was portrait time! We hit up a few spots around the resort and worked it! The wedding planner had to come round us up because our reception was starting.

We loved our dinner! We had a Mexican Trio play while we ate, and they were quite fun. After dinner my sister thought it would be funny to hire “Elvis” to crash our wedding. So needless to say he came back from the grave just to come to our wedding, sing a song, and make us dance with him. After Elvis left we surprized our guests with a special dance my husband and I had been practicing for a few months before.

The reception was short and sweet, when it was finished we headed out to the courtyard outside where everyone continued to party. The best part was there was a dance party happening at the resort that night so they set off fireworks!

It was perfect! The day couldn’t have gone any better. When we went up to our room, it was beautifully decorated and well the rest of this story is just for us ;)… but I can tell you that I looked through all our photos! HAHA

This gallery is a mix between my own photography, Francis and the resort photographer, but I did edit them too!


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