5 Tips for Summer Photography

5 Tips for Summer Photography:


1. Bug Spray – bug spray goes a long way, prepping yourself and your family against those pesky critters will keep your focus on each other and not those buggers!
2. Clothing – normally neutral clothing is great for family portraits, but in the summer it’s fun to wear those bursts of colour to brighten up the photographs. I recommend picking a colour and staying in that range, and complimenting those colours with neutrals. eg, green and gray, or corals and blue.
3. Timing – the time of day can reflect on the types of photographs you can expect to receive. If you go during “golden hour” (just before sunset) you can get those golden back-lit photos.
4. Weather – while the weather is usually sunny in the summer, it’s still great to go on overcast days; there are more options available for locations. It’s also a good idea to plan ahead and pick a secondary rain date.
5. Have Fun – that’s what summer is all about after all right? Let loose, relax, and have some fun. Let kids be kids, let siblings interact with each other. Those candid moments, laughter, and smiles can be the unexpected photos you will cherish.


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