DIY Simple Valentine Decor on a Budget

_MG_5380 2

Every year around Valentines I feel like I’ve had just about enough of winter, so I like to distract myself with decorating the inside of my home in fun bright warm colours. Each year I try to add a in a new project or decor to keep it fun and exciting. One of my tricks is re-purposing decor throughout the seasons.

_MG_5380This heart I made by gluing rosebud fabric flowers to a canvas in a heart shape. I paired it with a red candle that I had from Christmas, and a giant rose I bought from Shoppers Drug Mart a few years ago. I added red cranberries I had from Christmas to the bottom of the glass.

_MG_5466 This cute LOVE piece I got from Dollarama, and the little birds from Bouclair home at Christmas for under $10.
I liked putting them together, because it’s a fun play on words… “Love Birds”.

_MG_5491 I took a frame I had already and filled it with a free Keep Calm printable I found here.

I also added a little foam heart I got for Dollarama. The frame I purchased a year ago from Urban Barn.


I also took a vase I already had with twigs and hot glue gunned little foam hearts from Dollarama on the twigs.

_MG_5424My new purchase this year was this adorable Day of the Dead Bride & Groom I got from Mexico, the couple are sitting on a heart and I just love it.

All together I spent little time and money putting together these arrangements this year, and I added lots of colour and spice to our Living Room.


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