Easy Way to Backup Documents, Photos, & Video

back up

Never underestimate the importance behind backing up your files. If you are like me you have lost important pictures, files, and video due to unfortunate events like a computer crashing, hard drive malfunction, lost or damaged memory cards/cell phones. It happens to all of us.

It is very important to back up your files. Once lost it can be very costly for an I.T tech to try and recover missing files, and that is not a guarantee.

But don’t fret, backing your files can be really easy!

I recommend having an external hard drive separate from your computer. This is for a couple reasons.

1) You can move it around to different devices – office computer, personal computers, laptops etc….

2) If your computer crashes it is separate so you don’t need to worry about recovering those files.

You can purchase them from places like Future Shop, Best Buy, Canada Computers, or just about anywhere you can purchase a computer. They range from $50-150. I recommend checking your local flyers as they ALWAYS go on sale. I recommend the Western Digital brand, and 500 GB, 1000 GB or 1 TB in size. Make sure to purchase a drive that will allow you enough space to backup all your devices with some room to grow.

Here is my simple step by step guide for WINDOWS USERS backing up once you have purchased and connected/installed your hard drive to your computer:

1) Rename your hard drive to “Back up” you can do this simply by navigating to your PC drive screen. This us usually called “My PC, My Computer, or This PC“. Once there right click your NEW hard drive and select RENAME.

2) Open the hard drive, create a new folder, name it what you want E.G “Lisas PC”, open this folder, and leave this window open.

3) Open your computers hard drive screen again in a new window. Here you will see your computers internal hard drive. Open it, select USERS, then the specific user you are backing up, in this case it’s LISA.

4) Select all (CTRL A), copy and paste into the new folder. You can do this several ways.

You can either then press CTRL C, go to the new folder you previously made in the new hard drive in this case Lisas PC, and then press CTRL V.

or you can right click the highlighted files, and while holding down the right click move your mouse over to the new folder and select COPY HERE.

Once your copying is complete you are done!!! Simple, easy, and you won’t regret it!!! I recommend backing up at least once a month.

Here are some screen shots if you want to visually see my step by step process.

FREE DOWNLOAD – I have attached a Back Up log list if you want to keep a log of what files you backed up and when. This can help you keep track of all files you have previously backed up.

Back Up Log Sheet(PDF) Back Up Log Sheet(EXCEL)

Tips for backing up your Cell phone photos and video

I recommend using DROPBOX, it’s a free, secure way to back up your phone and transfer the files to your computer. You can expand your account space for free by referring friends/family to join, or you can purchase larger space.

Once you have signed up you can install the free app to your phone, and PC. Then you can set up an automatic photo/video upload. You can modify the settings to copy your media over WIFI only to save data. Once you have successfully set that up, you can sync your photos to your Dropbox account. You can sign in to your Dropbox account online from any computer, or the desktop app to save your photos there. Dropbox even has the capability to sync photos right from your phone to your PC.


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