Curious Easter Bunny Bum Cake

Hippity Hoppity Easter,

The last couple Easter’s I’ve made an Easter themed cake for our family dinner. They are fun to make, and they are always a hit. Now I have my family asking; what am I going to do this year? 🙂 Last year I decided to try a Curious Easter Bunny Bum Cake.

If you would like to see how I made this adorable cake, see my step by step instructions and photos below. **Note I am an amateur baker so if I can do this, so can you!!!**


You could use your favourite cake recipe you have, but for simplicity and I used Betty Crocker Cake Mixes.

What you need:

  • 1 -9″ round cake pan (the ground), 1-cupcake pan (the tail), 1-small circular mixing bowl (the bum)
  • 2 boxes of Betty Crocker Cake Mixes -I used Rainbow Chip & Chocolate to get two flavors.
  • Milk
  • Vegetable oil
  • Eggs
  • White Chocolate – I got a white chocolate bunny
  • Food Colouring
  • Oreo crumbs
  • Oval Cookie Mold
  • Cream Cheese Icing
    • 1 cup of unsalted butter, softened
    • 1 block of cream cheese, softened
    • 4 1/4 cups of unsifted powdered sugar
    • 1 teaspoon of vanilla
    • 1/4 cup of milk

1. I prepared the cake the night before, but you could do it the same day. I followed the directions according to the Betty Crocker cake mix.

2. I greased the inside of the cake pan, cupcake pan, and mixing bowl, and filled the cake pans with the cake mixes, and baked them in the oven until fully baked. The cupcake, and cake pan took approx 25 minutes. The mixing bowl portion took a little longer. I just tested it with tooth picks until it was finished.

3. To make the icing. Blend together butter and cream cheese.  On a low speed gradually add the powdered sugar, vanilla and milk.  In a separate medium bowl mix 1/2 of the icing with a few drops of food colouring to make a light green icing.


4. **Note I did put icing on the cake first. I realized while decorating it would have been easier to have assembled the cake first**

When the cake is finished baking, and cooling you can begin the fun part. I placed the ground part of the cake (flat circle cake) face down on a plate for an even surface. Use a bit of icing to secure the bunny bum (mixing bowl cake). Then cut a part of the top of the bum deep enough for the tail (cupcake) to fit in half way. Insert the cupcake.


5. Once you have your bunny assembled. You can start the decorating. Put icing on the bunny bum. Then grade white chocolate to cover the bunny. This helps create texture and make it look like fur.  Cover the remaining ground portion with icing. Save a little bit of white icing for later. Place a pastry bag with a small star tip in a tall glass, and fold the bag over the glass.  Fill bag with white icing; and pipe the bunny tail.

6. At this point pick a top half and bottom half of the cake. To make the grass place a pastry bag with a small circle tip in a tall glass, and fold the bag over the glass. Fill bag with green icing; and pipe the mix up and down around the cake. On the top half of the cake pipe the grass to the bunny bum line. On the bottom half pipe the grass to the line of the ground.

7.On the bottom half of the cake sprinkle oreo crumbs underneath the bunny.


8. To make the bunny paws melt some of the white chocolate, and line a baking sheet with wax or parchment paper. I did one paw at a time. Put the melted chocolate in a cookie cutter mold and then in the freezer for 10 minutes, remove the mold and repeat. Let them both cool to a harden piece of chocolate again. With the little bit of white icing that you saved put a drop of red food colouring in it. Place a pastry bag with a small circle tip in a tall glass, and fold the bag over the glass.  Fill bag with the pink icing; and pipe the paws. Use a bit of icing to stick the paws on the cake.


I popped in a little carrot I had (non edible) and used it to decorate the cake. Voila your Curious Easter Bunny Bum Cake is complete. Sit back, snap a picture and enjoy.





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