May 24 Getaway {A Personal Post}

My husband and I escaped for a romantic getaway up north in the Halliburton Highlands. This was a much needed time away where we could just relax and unwind.

We stayed at the amasing Sir Sam’s Inn & WaterSpa.

The food was incredible and the views were breathtaking. I can’t wait until we can return there again. I highly recommend this place. It has a resort feel, and the staff are so friendly and easy going. The WaterSpa was so nice and relaxing.

We took a day trip to the Halliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve where I was sooo lucky to see wolves. 🙂


{African Lion Safari}

I love photographing animals. This is where the hobbyist photographer comes out in me. Every year I make an effort to visit a zoo of some sort. This year I went to African Lion Safari TWICE! The first time was with my co-op student when we wanted to go on an adventure and get away from all the computer editing. The second time was in celebration of my Mother’s birthday. Both times were unique, where I got different opportunities to photograph the animals. What I love about AFS is that all the animals are free roaming…NO CAGES 🙂 (Don’t worry, they still have fences) Here are a collection of my favourite photos from the two trips. There are still lots more, some are funny, but I thought I would only share these.

There is something magical about a mothers love.

I wanted to show you a before and after editing job on one of my photos. On one of the trips, my mom wanted to ride the bus, so we did, and they had some sort of tint on the windows which turned colour depending on if we were in the shade or in the sun. I didn’t have a chance to adjust my white balance before the lion looked right at the bus! I’ve been trying to get a good photo of a lion for a long time! What a difference ehh?!

Did you know that Cheetah’s live a very solitude life? They tend to live by themselves, and hunt by themselves – with exception to a momma who just had her babies. At the AFS you can see them pace back and forth, they are quite energetic, and not afraid of our vehicles at all.

If you haven’t already noticed, I am a huge cat lover! I don’t know why I love cats so much, but I do. I love how in one pride, there are different ages of lions, and the each have their own personality. Lions are quite social animals, and they each have their own rank in the pride. Did you know that the lioness (female lion) are the ones that hunt their prey? The male lion isn’t as successful stalking the prey because his huge mane gives him away.

Here are some of the other animals you can see at the AFS.

Hope you enjoyed these, I love them!

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{Mexico 2012}

Over the past few years I have visited Mexico 3 times! In each of those trips I have had the opportunity to take some beautiful photos. These trips have been very memorable to me, the last one being the most special trip in my life. I married my best friend in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

Some highlights from this trip would include visiting their zoo Xcaret, and an adventure park Xplor. My sisters threw a surprize bachlor/bachlorette party for my husband and I before the wedding which was quite fun. They came out with maracas and sombreros for everyone.

The morning after our wedding my husband and I received room service with really yummy food! After our breakfast we had a romantic massage which was just amasing!
We went shopping in the afternoon and while we were shopping we visited an animal sanctuary they have there and played with the baby jaguars. That evening we had a romantic dinner on the beach. Our food & waiter was incredible!

This trip had to be the best trip of my life! I would do it all over again in a heart beat!

{Waterloo Park}

During the spring I had the opportunity to have a fabulous student work with me for her co-op placement. On a warm day I said hey lets get out of the office and do something fun.

Visiting Waterloo Park was that something fun! These are some of my favourite photos from that afternoon.

Is it just me or are the animals there getting more friendly over the years?

{My Adorable Kittens}

Gina was a stray kitty who had a litter of kittens in our garage. She was a bit nervous at first, but has warmed up to human interaction. She is very very affectionate now, and is starting to enjoy playing with kitty toys. Gina has to be the best mom ever! Her number one priority is her kitties! She tends to them all day long with love and affection. She greets us every time she sees us, rubs up against our legs, and lays in our lap while we surf the web & watch tv.

Gizmo seams to be the leader of the pack, showing his brother and sister he’s the man when it comes to feeding and playing….still very cuddly and playful!

Geller is very affectionate and playful. He loves human interaction, does well when being held, and is defiantly a lap kitty.

Gomez is just as affectionate as his siblings. He is one of the curious kittens who loves to discover new things.

Gemma is the only girl out of the litter. She has been the first one to open her eyes, walk, run and play. She is a rambunctious little one, who picks on all her brothers to play. She can be very cuddly, playful and curious.

Gonzo is super cute, he loves to cuddle and lay in our laps. He is the peacemaker & the runt of the group. He is always trying to snuggle with his brothers and sister, but does know how to have fun too!

All these cute cuddly kittens have been adopted. 🙂

{Niagara Falls}

My fiance and I decided to go to Niagara Falls for Valentines Day. Our day started off well, we got off work early to beat the traffic. We finished packing and doing our errands (which included picking up wedding cake to taste). We were off to the falls when we got into a car accident on the highway 😦 It was a bummer, but everyone was ok. After our tow truck ride home, we decided to still go to Niagara Falls. We jumped in my fiance truck and left again. This time making it there safely. When we were checking into our hotel at The Embassy, they offered us a presidential suite! Of course we took that. Our room had a great view of both the falls, and had wrap around windows! It was spectacular. We went out to dinner to the Keg and ate some yummy steak followed by the wedding cake for dessert.

The next day was quite foggy & snowy so I couldn’t get some great pictures of the falls from our room. After breakfast we headed to The Bird Kingdom and here are some of my favourites from there. The birds were modeling for me that day. They must have lots of practice with photographers!